Hey I'm Kai Michaelis.
I'm in an IT-Security Masters program in Bochum, Germany and work part-time on Free Software. You can find me at the local hackerspace. My interests are program analysis, reverse engineering and cryptography.


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Onion Project

An operating system for inexpensive single board computers like Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, BeagleBoard, etc. that makes hosting Tor Services easy and secure. The projects will work without any centralized infrastructure. Packages are built reproducible on different servers, operated by different people. The clients running on the single board computer will fetch packages based on a majority vote of the package hash. The project is based on NixOS with additional hardening and isolation to mitigate exploits and cut down on the attack surface.


Panopticon is a graphical disassembler that implements semantics-based analysis. Panopticon can partially execute assembly functions over sets of values and intervals using Abstract Interpretation. The graphical frontend displays control flow and function call graphs. The project is written in Rust and QML.


A satirical project to protest the German telecommunications data retention law of October 2015. Marcus Brinkmann and I implemented a 10 year old standard of IP over MIME to evade all data retention in Germany as the law explicitly excludes email.